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Zack Kemp is the Founder of Picture Perfect Homes and has been a maintenance technician since 2016.

As the founder and chief technician of Picture Perfect Homes, Zack is the driving force behind the business. He is responsible for all aspects of the companies strategy, team, and operations across the Picture Perfect Homes network.

"Zack is thorough with a practical mind and will carry out the task-in-hand with consistent accuracy, always producing high-quality results and satisfied customers."
Zack's Skills & Benefits

Zack inspects properties and performs general maintenance of the building and grounds. He additionally performs periodic quality and safety checks on your property to notify you of any hazards, needed repairs, or potential future problems. Some of the top benefits of working with Zack are that he:

  • Has 6 years of proven experience as a maintenance technician
  • Is licensed and insured, to add another layer of protection to your home or business
  • Can assist with budget preparation and ensures that the budget is followed
  • Has expert knowledge of general maintenance processes and methods
  • Is equipped with the knowledge and tools to get the job done
  • Has an eye for detail that will enhance your curb appeal
  • Has strong manual dexterity and problem-solving skills
  • Produces consistent high-quality results and satisfied customers
  • Is versatile when a change is needed to improve property efficiency

Most importantly Zack is a family man whose heart is fully invested in making those he serves happy. He will provide superior service while being respectful, productive, collaborative, and detailed.

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